Chrome Extensions for Computer Science Graduate Students

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A list of Chrome Extensions that might be useful to computer science graduate students.


Dark Reader

Inverts brightness of web pages and aims to reduce eyestrain while browsing the web.

Rooster for Chrome™

Stay productive by giving you insights on browsing habits and by notifying.

Vertical Tabs

Display tabs vertically in a sidebar on web pages. Support drag-and-drop, search, filter on tabs. (Sometimes this plugin creates a weird layout.)



Create easy-to-navigate code tree in Github, for file browsing and downloads.

Refined GitHub

Simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features

Code Finder for Research Papers - CatalyzeX

Finds and shows links to code implementations for research papers directly on Google, Arxiv, Scholar, Twitter, Github, and more.

Reading and Writing

Copy BibTex in 1 click on GScholar

Copy BibTex from GScholar result page with 1 click!

BibTex It!

This extension gets your bibtex citation through your text selection within one-click.


Redirects requests for PDFs of papers at some popular sites to their corresponding HTML index pages. (For example, this pdf link redirects to this webpage)

Grammarly for Chrome

Use Grammarly on Chrome.

Overleaf textarea

This plugin displays your text in a textarea so you can use spellcheck plugins like Grammarly. (It may not be that effective if your paper contains a bunch of equations.)


Access the LaTeX source code of arXiv papers on Overleaf.

For Koreans

Find Korea from Dropdowns

Find Korea when you go to academic conferences.

Not a Chrome Extension, but Still Useful

Auto-LaTeX Equations

Instantly convert every math equation in Google Docs documents into latex images.

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